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A better way to hire a lawyer.

When you need legal help, Legal Shield is here. With a network of lawyers throughout the US and Canada, you can know your rights so you can protect your rights. 

Individuals - Families - Businesses

Finding a solution to your legal problems doesn't need to be a bigger stress than the problem itself.

For a small monthly fee, you have access to a team of lawyers, each with his or her own area of specialty.

Because it's not "if you'll need a lawyer..." It's WHEN!

Business Guardians
Independent Associates for Legal Shield

Family Law

From estate planning to contracts to conflicts with the neighbors. Even advice on handling tickets. All part of your plan.

Business Law

Home based businesses, retail stores and online retailers, companies up to 100 employees. Contracts, employment law, debt collection, and more.

Specialty Riders

Do you drive for a ride-share company? Own a gun? Want additional hours for trial defense? Are you a truck driver?

Legal Shield has specialty plans and riders for everyone.

Get Legal Protection

For about $1 a day, you can protect yourself and your family from legal worries. Have a team of top-rated attorneys on your side. 

Request Your Free Will Planner

Did you know only about 42% of adults have some sort of will or estate plan in place? And only about 36% of parents with children under the age of 18 have a will set up. If you die before your children become adults, it is the state who will determine who raises your children, not you. With Legal Shield, a comprehensive will is included. 

Our gift to you is this will questionnaire. It is the hardest thing you will ever fill out. It is the most loving thing you can do for your family. Even if you don't become a Legal Shield member, download the questionnaire, fill it out, and take it to your attorney.  

Eric & Catherine Bruce

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